Does luxury vinyl flooring expand?

Does luxury vinyl flooring expand?

Luxury vinyl flooring can expand–but no worries! It's infrequent, but don't take any chances. A few straightforward procedures can keep it from happening.

It’s waterproof–so why does it expand?

Any vinyl has microscopic air holes. You can't see them, but they're meant to create circulation. 

When the air gets humid, the floor will expand. Alternatively, when the air gets too dry, it can create gaps.

Acclimation is necessary

We mostly associate acclimation with hardwood. However, even a storage facility down the street can have a different climate from your home.

Acclimation is a simple yet necessary pre-installation process. The squares or vinyl plank flooring pieces lie side-by-side (or in opened boxes) on the floor where it is to be installed.  

Every manufacturer is different, but it’s usually two or three days. It gives them a chance to adjust to their new environment.

Do I need to be concerned if they're installed to float? 

Yes, especially if they float. It might seem like they have more room to move, but it can throw the floor off balance.

With a floating floor, the pieces aren't affixed to the subfloor. As a result, the slightest movement creates balance problems.

Acclimate, and your LVT or LVP flooring in Raleigh, NC, will always look great.

Extreme temperatures in the home can do it, too

Excessive air conditioning or heat can also cause instability. Keep humidity levels between 35-55% and temperatures between 60-80 degrees F.  

These can easily be monitored with a hygrometer. You can find them in hardware or home improvement stores for under $10. 

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