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Understanding carpet pile and why it matters

When shopping for carpet, you may come across the term "carpet pile." But what exactly does it mean, and why should it matter when choosing the right carpet for your home? In this blog, our carpet store will demystify the concept of carpet pile, explain the different types available, and help you understand why it’s essential to make an informed decision.

What is carpet pile?

Carpet pile refers to the visible surface of the carpet made up of fibers or yarns. These fibers are either looped through the carpet backing or cut to create a plush, soft texture. The height and density of these loops or cut fibers define the carpet’s overall look and feel. The type of carpet pile chosen can seriously impact the appearance, durability, and maintenance needs of your carpet.

Types of carpet pile

Understanding the various carpet pile types will help you choose the most suitable carpet for your needs.

Cut pile

Cut pile carpet is made by cutting the loops of yarn to the same height, resulting in a soft, even texture. It’s popular for its plush, velvety feel and is ideal for areas like bedrooms and living rooms. Common styles of cut pile carpet include:

  • Saxony: Features dense, twisted fibers that offer a smooth, formal appearance.
  • Plush: Offers a luxurious, uniform look due to closely packed fibers.
  • Textured: Has slightly twisted fibers that minimize footprints and vacuum marks.

Loop pile

Loop pile carpet is created from uncut loops of yarn, offering a more durable and resilient surface. It’s perfect for high-traffic areas like hallways, stairs, and family rooms. Popular loop pile styles include:

  • Berber: Features large, uncut loops for a casual, rugged appearance.
  • Level loop: Has uniform, tightly packed loops for a clean, consistent look.
  • Multi-level loop: Combines loops of varying heights to create textured patterns.

Cut and loop pile

Cut and loop pile carpet combines both cut and looped yarns to create patterns and textures. This type of carpet hides dirt and stains well while offering a unique design element. It’s a versatile choice that is suitable for various rooms.

Why carpet pile matters

Choosing the right carpet pile type can significantly affect the carpet's performance, durability, and appearance.


  • High-traffic areas benefit from loop pile carpets due to their resilience and ability to maintain appearance over time.
  • Cut pile carpets, especially textured styles, are suitable for medium-traffic rooms where comfort is a priority.


  • Loop pile carpets are typically easier to clean and less prone to showing wear and tear.
  • Cut pile carpets may show footprints and vacuum marks but can be managed with regular maintenance.


  • Cut pile carpets offer superior softness and warmth, making them ideal for bedrooms and lounging spaces.
  • Loop pile carpets provide a firmer surface, perfect for family rooms and play areas.

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Understanding carpet piles and their various types is crucial when selecting the right carpet in Raleigh, NC. By considering factors like durability, maintenance, and comfort, you can choose a carpet that aligns with your needs and lifestyle. Visit Raleigh Floor Coverings International today to explore our range of carpet styles and find the perfect fit for your home. Our carpet store in Raleigh, NC, serves Raleigh, Clayton, Garner, Cary, Durham, Wake Forest, Apex, North Raleigh, Holly Springs, and Morrisville, NC.