Consider the benefits of cork flooring

Cork flooring is not a new product, but it's gaining recent popularity among homeowners. It offers a beautiful, rustic appearance and unique, durable properties. It's an excellent choice for many rooms, providing something for everyone.

As you research these materials, you'll find impressive options that will serve you. Then, compare your requirements with the attributes found in cork. And the result will be the flooring of your dreams in every room, so find out what you need.

Impressive attributes in cork flooring

One of the most impressive features of cork floor tiles is their hypoallergenic nature. As a result, they resist mildew and allergens and offer antimicrobial options. And since they're easy to maintain, you can keep them in a shape that continues this benefit. The underfoot comfort found in cork flooring brings impressive results. You'll find it easier to stand for long periods, especially in kitchens and laundry rooms. The millions of air pockets located inside the flooring offer results you cannot miss.

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Designing with cork is an excellent opportunity

You can do any design you can create with tile with cork flooring. It doesn't take long to see that the design capabilities in cork colors and designs are limitless. That means chevrons, checkerboards, mosaics, and more, are all possible with these products.

Enjoy this durability in every room

Even if your house is in constant motion, these floors offer excellent durability. Dents fill themselves out, thanks to impressive cushioning. And light scratches blend into the floor's design pattern so that they are overlooked. The low-maintenance feature means that cork kitchen flooring is easy to care for. But you can extend the floor's lifespan further by using felt pads beneath furniture legs. A few area rugs in high traffic spaces are also an impressive way to keep these flooring looking good.
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